How do I Make Money with Avon?

How do I Make Money with Avon?

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How do You Make Money with Avon?

One of the most common questions I’m asked about being an Avon Representative is, “How do you make money with Avon?”. Let’s take a few minutes to look at the 3 main ways to earn money with Avon.

As an Avon Representative you have 3 ways to earn.

1. Personal Face to Face Sales

Share the brochure, take orders from your face to face contacts and earn 25% on beauty, personal care and jewelry and 20% on fashion and home.

Connect with people you see in your daily routine and offer them an Avon brochure. They place their order with you and pay you the price listed in the brochure. You order the products from Avon at a discount, and keep the difference.

As your sales grow and you reach top seller levels your earnings percentage will increase as well.

2. Personal Sales through your Online Store

Avon provides every Representative with a free online store. Customers can shop your full Avon store online, including an online version of the brochure and a fun tool where customers can try on makeup colors.

Invite your contacts to shop your online store. When they place an order for direct delivery, they pay Avon and Avon ships the order directly to the and you will earn the same 20-25% on direct delivery orders as you do on your face-to-face sales.

3. Team Sales when you help others join Avon

Everything is more fun with a friend. Invite others to join your team of Representatives and you can earn on their sales a well. 

You will earn 3% on their sales anytime they place an order, as long as you have sales of $50 or more in that campaign.  As you add more Representative on your team the percentage you earn on their sales increases.

Business Expenses

Of course, just like any business, you will have expenses like shipping, brochures, or samples and I work with my team members to minimize those expenses and make the most of any investment made in building their business so they keep as much of their earnings in their pocket as possible.

Bonus Earnings

Avon loves to reward us for building our businesses.  In addition to our standard earnings on our personal and team sales they will have incentives where we can earn prizes, trips and even cash bonuses.

For information on current incentives contact me today.

Please note that all information is accurate as of 1/20/22. For the most up to date, full details please visit or contact me with any questions.

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Home » Thoughts On Beauty Blog » Avon Lady Life » How do I Make Money with Avon?

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