Dos & Don’ts for being Scent-sible

Dos & Don’ts for being Scent-sible

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Do enjoy your fragrance.  Don’t save it for a special occasion. Fragrance will evaporate and change once it’s exposed to air, even sprays as those bring in more air with each spray. So enjoy it while it’s at its best.

Avon Rare Gold

Do keep fragrance away from extreme heat or cold as this can alter the scent. Keep it fresh by storing in a cool dry place, away from the sun…which by the way is not your bathroom.

Avon Attraction for Her 

Do create a wardrobe of fragrance for different seasons, occasions or moods. Choose a lighter scent in warmer weather and stronger scents when you’re bundled up in winter. Softer scents are great for a day at the office, and a sultrier scent for a night out.

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Do apply directly to skin, focusing on pulse points. Allow your body heat to develop the fragrance for a true impression.

Avon Free O2

Don’t spray too close to skin. To avoid dripping or too-heavy application, spray from 6 or 7 inches away. 

Avon Far Away 

Don’t rub your wrists together when applying your fragrance.  This actually “bruises” the fragrance notes and alters the scent.

Avon Flor Violeta 

Don’t limit your application to behind your ears or on your neck. Fragrance rises so aim for lower pulse points as well like the crook of the elbow or the back of the knees.

Avon Rare Amethyst

Don’t sample more than 3 scents at a time. After that your nose can get overloaded and you won’t get a true sense of the fragrance.  You can clear your palette so to speak by sniffing coffee beans if you want to continue sampling.

Avon Imari 

Don’t base your choice of personal fragrance on the scent right out of the bottle, or how it smells on a friend. Fragrance is affected by our personal body chemistry so try some on, and wear it for a day so you can get a true sense of how it will react with your personal chemistry.

Avon Ultra Sexy Pink 

Do obey the arms length rule.  Only those within arms length of you should be able to smell your fragrance. 

Avon Luck for Her 

Do reapply…after borrowing a friend’s nose.  Fragrance typically last 3-4 hours depending on what formula  you use and your personal chemistry. We do get used to our own scent after about an hour though so check with someone close to confirm that it really has faded. 

Avon Haiku

Don’t use deodorant soap…it can neutralize your fragrance.

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