Save on Your Holiday Shopping

Save on Your Holiday Shopping

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Join Avon Today and You Can Save on Your Holiday Shopping and Beyond

Right now you can join Avon for free. Once you set up your representative account you can begin taking advantage of your representative discount to save on your holiday shopping and more. Anytime you place an order of $40 or more you’ll save 25% on beauty, personal care and jewelry products and 20% on fashion and home products, including holiday decor.

As an Avon Representative you’ll also have a free online store that you can share with friends so they can shop with you. When they shop you’ll earn the same 20-25% on their orders as well*. So while you can absolutely just have your account to be a personal shopper and only place orders for yourself why not invite your friends to shop with you and use those earnings to pay for some of your holiday shopping.

Even as a personal shopper you can still take advantage of all the benefits of being an Avon Representative like a free gift on your first order, previews of upcoming products before they’re available to customers, and discounts from other big name companies for travel, electronics, services and more through our Avon Perks site.

Get an extra blast of earnings for the holidays! As a New Representative you will earn up to 30% commission on your Beauty sales when you sell $100 or more and start scoring free exclusive product collections when you hit $500 in sales!

You can even earn free shipping. When you have $150 or more in sales in a single campaign, you’ll receive a code you can use for free shipping on your representative order in the next campaign.

Have questions? Want More Information? Contact Me today.

*begin earning on orders placed through your online store when you have reached $40 in sales for the campaign, see for full details

Please note shipping charges apply.

Home » Thoughts On Beauty Blog » Shopping Avon » Save on Your Holiday Shopping

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  • Save 25% on your personal Beauty purchases
  • or earn 25% on your customer’s purchases.
  • Get 20% discount/earnings on Fashion and Home.
  • Plus bonuses based on your sales and/or team sales. 

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