Sailing to Bermuda Thanks to Avon

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Sailing to Bermuda Thanks to Avon

I recently returned from my very first cruise, and my first trip out of the country since I was a child,  all thanks to New Avon LLC.  The trip was the top reward in a 6 month long incentive where Avon Representatives earned points based on our personal sales and building our teams.  As we accumulated points we also earned a beauty roll, a tote bag and a carry on size rolling suitcase.   

  The top prize was an all expense paid trip to Bermuda on board the Royal Caribbean ship Anthem of the Seas. Some representatives even earned the trip for themselves and a guest.  

  I flew in the morning of our cruise departure. I was greeted at baggage claim by our shuttle service who helped me get my luggage and drove me over to the hotels where the representatives who had flown in the night before stayed.  I had breakfast with friends from all over the country, some old friends from as far back as 20 years ago, some newer friends that I’ve only known for a few months, including my roommate a wonderful Representative from Phoenix.   

    Then it was time to take our shuttle bus over to the cruise port. The Port Liberty Cruise Port is very nice and we moved through the check in process and onto the ship very quickly after a quick stop at the Avon Welcome table where we got our goodie bags full of t-shirt, hat, jewelry and travel size products.   

   We had 2 private parties just for the Avon achievers and their guests that were tons of fun…of course any time I get to hang out with other Avon Representatives is a blast.   

  We enjoyed about 3 full days relaxing at sea, on the way to Bermuda and traveling back to New Jersey. We had an ocean view room with a balcony which we loved sitting out on just listening to the waves and watching the water.  There was a lot to do on the ship from lounging on the deck, enjoying the pools and spas, and of course lots of food.  All but a few restaurants are included in the price of the cruise and Avon paid for our drink package so we could eat and drink to our hearts content on board. Avon also covered our internet access on board so we could stay connected if we wanted.   

There were fun activities throughout the cruise. My friends and I enjoyed a Newlywed style game show, comedians, karaoke, and live music. My favorite activities were the massage I treated myself to, and the show We Will Rock You. My whole family are huge Queen fans (we have a dog named Freddie) so the show was a must see for me and it was fantastic.   

Bermuda was beautiful.  It’s hard to choose my favorite view. The reefs surrounding the island, the beaches, the colorful homes, the fortress like buildings of the Royal Navy Dockyard all provided unlimited things to look at and enjoy. My roommate and I took a bus tour our first day there and not only got to see so many of the wonderful sights, but also learned a lot about the island, it’s history and it’s economy. At one point we even managed to get all of our ducks in a row.   

    On our second day in Bermuda I took the ferry over to the capital city Hamilton and enjoyed a leisurely walk around the city. I was even able to take in a performance by one of the school choirs on the steps of city hall. As a choir singer I really enjoyed that unexpected treat.   

    Overall this was a wonderful trip and I was able to enjoy this relaxing week full of fun with my friends, beautiful views and delicious food as a reward just for doing my job.  When was the last time your job sent you on a paid vacation?   Want to join me on the next trip?  Join My Team today

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Home » Thoughts On Beauty Blog » Avon Lady Life » Sailing to Bermuda Thanks to Avon

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