Perks of Being an Avon Representative

Perks of Being an Avon Representative

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What are the Perks and Benefits of being an Avon Representative

What brings most people to Avon as a Representative at first is typically the earnings, free products and discounts on Avon products. Increasing your income by selling Avon products and helping others to do the same is for most the biggest benefit of joining Avon. However there are several other Avon perks that make being a Representative even more rewarding.

LG Partner Store

Avon is a part of the LG family so Avon Representatives get to shop in the LG Partner store and take advantage of discounts up to 25% to 40% on LG home and electronic products. Representatives enjoy savings on TVs, monitors, laptops, refrigerators, washers/dryers, vacuums and more, with new products added monthly.


Representatives also have access to AVONperks, a savings and benefits platform for Avon Representatives where you can save on things like:

  • travel
  • groceries
  • tickets & attractions
  • cell phones
  • auto buying
  • books, movies & music
  • electronics
  • home services
  • insurance and protection
  • real estate & moving
  • and more

Health Insurance

Avon Representatives receive affordable health insurance for you and your family through our Independent Contractors Benefits Association Program! Affordable options starting as low as $32.51 per month, and we have dental coverage too. All Representative are also entitled to a free WellCard Savings Health Discount Program even if you don’t get your health insurance through ICBA

Professional Services

ICBA also offers:

  • Insurance Services including Life, Aflac coverages, Home & Auto
  • Legal Care
  • Counseling Services
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Financial Services such as free banking services, tax support, financial and credit counseling and student loan support
  • and More!


Avon Representatives receive a 10% tuition discount and other exclusive education benefits from Capella University

Terms & conditions apply for all programs, please see for all the details

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Home » Thoughts On Beauty Blog » Avon Lady Life » Perks of Being an Avon Representative

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