Avon Lady Life ~ A Weekend at RepFest

Avon Lady Life ~ A Weekend at RepFest

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 Avon Lady Life ~ A Weekend at RepFest

Last weekend was one of my favorite weekends of the year. Avon Representatives from around the country came together in Columbus, Ohio for Avon’s annual RepFest. It serves as a kickoff for our holiday selling season and gives us a chance to learn all about the products and programs that Avon has for use through the rest of the year. It’s also a time for me to see and visit with the many Avon Representatives I have become friends with over the years.

The fun starts as soon as we start traveling to the conference location.  I was traveling with 2 of my team members on the same flights, and we met up with several other representatives at the airport.  By the time we arrived at our hotels and the convention center we couldn’t go very far without running into someone from Avon.

The city of Columbus even acknowledged our takeover of the area by changing one of the street signs on Nationwide Blvd to Avon RepFest Way.

This year’s RepFest was extra special because it was taking place just over an hour away from our Zanesville, Ohio facility where Representative and Customer orders are processed for shipment and Avon arranged for many of us to take a tour before the official events began.  I had toured out Pasadena facility a couple of times many years ago, but Zanesville is a newer, state of the art facility and it was really nice to see all of the improvements they have over the older facilities, especially since this is where my orders will be shipping from starting this week. By the end of the year, all Representatives will be receiving their orders from this warehouse.

Over 3 days we experienced large general sessions in the Nationwide Arena, smaller training sessions in the convention center and a product expo featuring the products and tools being introduced later this year.

One of the biggest announcements was that instead of fashion models, our Campaign 19 brochure will feature only Role Models. Avon choose more than 20 Representatives to be featured on the pages of the brochure and share some of their stories and product tips.

Of course Avon doesn’t expect us to be all business while we are there so they arranged for a private concert by Rascal Flatts, the highlight of which was when they had all 6000 of us singing along to “Don’t Stop Believin’”. 

My absolute favorite part of RepFest every year, is spending time with the many friends I have made over 20 years of attending Avon events. We talk about our businesses for sure, but we also catch up on what is going on with our personal lives and our families. Many of us have watched each other’s children grow up, some even have children of their own now. We’ve stayed connected through health scares and the loss of loved ones as well as triumphs and celebrations.  We are family and while RepFest is intended for us to learn how to improve our business and get a look at our end of the year product line, it is really like a big family reunion.

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Home » Thoughts On Beauty Blog » Avon Lady Life » Avon Lady Life ~ A Weekend at RepFest

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