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  • Make Any Room a Sanctuary

    Make Any Room a Sanctuary

    Relax. Unwind. Breathe. Make any room a sanctuary and experience inner tranquility with an immersive, spa-inspired collection.

  • Avon’s Top 10 Beauty Products of 2022

    Avon’s Top 10 Beauty Products of 2022

    Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2022, we’re taking a moment to highlight Avon’s best-selling products of the year. Read on to learn all about our top 10 products of 2022. From must-have body oils and creams to long-lasting makeup to transformative skin care, these are the products Avon customers can’t live without.

  • Fragrant Faves for Hands and Body

    Fragrant Faves for Hands and Body

    Avon is introducing two new ways to experience some of your favorite fragrances. Three new hand creams in Classic Scents and two new Body Cleansers in top selling Avon Signature Scents.

  • Keep Scalp and Hair Flake-Free

    Keep Scalp and Hair Flake-Free

    Dandruff is a common hair care concern. Keep your hair flake-free and keep your scalp healthy with Dr Groot Anti Dandruff Scalp Care

  • Euthymol Oral Care

    Euthymol Oral Care

    Loved for over 122 years for its distinctly strong flavor and British heritage design, the classic Euthymol oral care brand, which dates back to 1898, is formulated to help keep teeth and gums healthy with a special blend of fluoride-free, antiseptic ingredients.

  • How to Care for your Skin’s Microbiome

    How to Care for your Skin’s Microbiome

    Care for your microbiome with advanced formulas from our Moisture Therapy Microbiome Collection, body care made with prebiotics and para-probiotics to help balance and soothe skin.

  • Your Solution to Thinning Hair

    Your Solution to Thinning Hair

    Your solution to thinning hair. Infused with para-probiotics and prebiotics, these formulas help restore your scalp’s invisible microbiome shield of healthy flora for healthier scalp and hair.

  • Avon’s Glitz & Glam Sweepstakes

    Avon’s Glitz & Glam Sweepstakes

    Enter for a chance to win the Glitz & Glam Sweepstakes featuring a prize bundle of hair care, skin care, jewelry and more valued at $522

  • Avon Brochure Campaign 23 Product Picks

    Avon Brochure Campaign 23 Product Picks

    My personal picks for the Avon Brochure for Campaign 23 featuring holiday gifts, and apparel plus new matte eye shadow sticks.

  • Perioe Microbiome Toothpaste

    Perioe Microbiome Toothpaste

    Microbiome are beneficial micro-flora, with prebiotics, which create a protective layer that help keep teeth and gums looking healthy all over. Brushing can help wipe out “bad bacteria” that hides in gum tissue, but toothpaste with prebiotics can help tip the balance in favor of “good bacteria” to support optimum oral health

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