Skin Care Basics

  Skin Care Basics

Experts agree that a basic skin care regimen is essential to a lifetime of beautiful skin. 

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 4 Simple Steps to Great Skin

Step 1 – Cleanse
Cleansing removes all of the makeup, dirt, excess oil and sweat from the skin leaving it fresh and ready for your treatments and moisturizers. Choose a cleanser based on your skin type or cleansing needs.  
Cream cleansers are best for dry skin because they cleanse without drying. Oilier skin needs a gel or foaming cleanser to lift away excess oil. 
Cleansing wipes that combine a gentle cleanser and washcloth in one are perfect for keeping on your bedside table with a moisturizer if you find you tend to make it to bed before you remember to do your night time skincare regimen. They’re also great for travel. 
Micellar cleansing water can also be used for a thorough cleansing without rinsing.
Step 2 – Treat
Treatments deliver results targeted toward specific skin concerns and are almost always applied before your moisturizer.  Treatments will typically have higher concentrations of key ingredients than a moisturizer that also addresses the same concerns. 
Some multi benefit treatments can also boost the performance of other treatments and moisturizers.
Choose a treatment to address your primary skin care concerns.  If using multiple treatments avoid layering too many products by adding one to your morning routine and the other to your nighttime routine. You can also alternate days. 
Step 3 – Moisturize
A day moisturizer with SPF (preferably broad spectrum) hydrates and helps protect against sun damage, while night creams help repair and rejuvenate. 
Like your cleanser, you can choose your moisturizer based on skin type.  Lightweight lotions or gel creams if your skin tends to be oily, richer creams if you skin tends to be dry. 
Some moisturizers will also contain ingredients to address particular skin concerns. These moisturizers do not give as dramatic of results as a targeted treatment for the same concerns will but they are excellent for multi-tasking. A great option is to choose a moisturizer that addresses multiple signs of aging or improves something  you have noticed but are only slightly concerned about while picking a treatment targeted towards your primary skin concern.
Apply your moisturizer by using small, firm circular movements, taking care to avoid the eye area.
Step 4 – Eye
With the delicate skin around the eye and the potential for irritation, it is important to choose a treatment and/or moisturizer specifically designed for this area. 
To apply eye gel or cream use your ring finger to gently pat under the eye, and then above the eye and below the brow. 

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