• Q and A ~ Costume vs Fine Jewelry

      Q. What is the difference between Costume or Fashion Jewelry and Fine Jewelry? A. Fine Jewelry is created using precious metals such as Sterling Silver, Gold or Platinum and typically will have a classic style intended to last for many years.  Costume or Fashion Jewelry is made with any other material and will more…

  • 5 Myths about Selling Avon

    5 Myths about Selling Avon 1. You need a lot of money to start an Avon business Starting an Avon business is very affordable. The basic start up kit is only $25. The Advanced Kit and the Premium Kits are only $50 and $100 respectively. As you are building your business you will be investing…

  • 7 Reasons You Need to Start an Avon Business

    1. You run out of money before you run out of month – It seems that there is always something that needs to be paid for today, but payday is next week. 2. Kids are expensive – There’s all the basics like clothing, books, toys and school supplies, and then there’s the extras…sports, dance, music…

  • How My Avon Business Made Me a Better Mom and My Kids Better Adults

    When I started My Avon Business 20 Years ago I had no idea how this business would be a blessing to my family in ways we could have never imagined.  It became a family business and my daughters benefited in many ways beyond having Mom home when they got home from school If my story…

  • 3 Reasons Our Skin is Drier in Winter

    3 Reasons Your Skin is Drier in Winter The Elements The cold air and increased winds in the winter can draw moisture out of your skin and cause it to become chapped. Indoor heating The heating in buildings has a lower relative humidity than the colder air outside so it pulls moisture out of your…

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  • Blushing Hearts Sweepstakes

    Blushing Hearts Sweepstakes

    Bloom from head to toe with luscious body care, rejuvenating skincare, floral scents and more glow-giving must-haves.

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  • Easy Mascara Hacks for Amazing Lashes

    Easy Mascara Hacks for Amazing Lashes

    Want beautiful lashes? Just swipe on some mascara. Simple enough and it works, right? But if you really want to take your lashes to the next level, these easy mascara hacks are simple, quick, and guaranteed to score you the longest, thickest, most incredible lashes ever.

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  • Avon Brochure Campaign 8 Personal Picks

    Avon Brochure Campaign 8 Personal Picks

    My personal picks for the Avon Brochure for Campaign 8 featuring new our Collagen Booster collection and new eyeshadow singles

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  • Modern Mattes

    Modern Mattes

    Vivid Color. Velvety Feel. Creamy and comfortable, fmg Glimmer Matte Lipstick delivers richly pigmented shades in a featherlight formula that kisses lips for our dreamiest matte yet!

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  • Avon.com Wish List Feature

    Avon.com Wish List Feature

    Next time you’re browsing the Avon online store and see something you’re interested in but you’re not quite ready to “add to bag” you can create a wish list to save item you want to look at later. You can even share your wish list with family and friends to let them know what you’ve…

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  • Avon Brochure Campaign 7 Personal Picks

    Avon Brochure Campaign 7 Personal Picks

    My personal picks for the Avon Brochure for Campaign 7 featuring new Matte Lipstick and Spring Jewelry and Fashion

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