The Many Ways to Shop Avon

The Many Ways to Shop Avon

 I was reflecting as I was bagging up a few orders for my customers how many different ways there are to get Avon.  

Just this campaign I had customers who…
  • emailed or texted me their order, and will not be home when I am in their neighborhood so they will leave a check or pay by credit/debit card and I will leave the bag somewhere safe at their home.
  • order every campaign, I will deliver their order and we will have a short visit while they pay for this order and place their next order.
  • placed an order for one of their favorite products after I texted to let them know it was on sale. I’ll see them when I am in their neighborhood next week. 
  • texted me their order and will pick it up from my house on her lunch break or after work.
  • called with me to ask questions about the products and place their order.
  • is a member of my Facebook group who messaged me with some questions about new products and some possible changes they were considering for their skincare regimen, then placed their order online to ship directly to them. 
  • is a new customer who texted me about a sample that they received then placed their order online to ship directly to them
  • is a long time customer who lives out of state that texts me their order and I place it online for them so it ships directly to them. 
  • called me with their order to be placed through my online store to be shipped directly to them
  • emailed or texted me their order and I will drop it off to them at their office when I’m in the neighborhood. 
  • viewed the virtual brochure and messaged me their order so I can drop it off when I’m in the neighborhood
  • got the brochure by mail and placed their order through my online store
  • an occasional customer who calls me to place an order when they are running low on their favorite product 
  • shops through my online store and places their order to ship directly to them. 

How do you like to shop?  As you can see each customer’s experience is as unique as they are.  We can customize how your place your order and receive it to fit just about any situation. Contact me today to find out which options will work best for you. 

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Shop Avon Online

 3 ways to shop

Shop Avon Online

Browse my Avon estoreBrowse through the departments to find just what you’re looking for or check out what’s New and Now for the newest products and hottest trends. Shop my online Brochureflip the pages of the virtual Avon brochure you know and love. Click on the pages to add your favorite items to your cart. Shop by Item Number – Already have an Avon brochure? Know exactly what you want? Just enter the item numbers here to add them to your cart.  

Get an Avon Brochure by Mail

Get the Avon Brochure delivered right to your mail box

Get your very own copy of the Avon brochure to browse through.  Simply fill out the request form here and you’ll get the Avon brochure every two weeks so you never miss a sale on your favorite products and you get to see all the new and exciting products.  Your free subscription is good for 6 months (12 issues). Simply place an order through my website to extend subscription another 6 months.



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