What I Love About Avon Gel Finish Top Coat

  What I Love About Avon Gel Finish Top Coat

Avon Gel Finish Top Coat
I love having manicured nails, but over the years I’ve sort of lost my enthusiasm because of the challenges I’ve faced in getting and maintaining that well manicured look. Going to the salon is costly and traveling to and from the salon makes it somewhat time consuming and inconvenient. So that leaves at home manicures. 
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An at home manicure should be a piece of cake, I am the Avon Lady after all. Some of the challenges I’ve had with the DIY manicure are:
  • drying time – I’m not a sit and do nothing type of person so I will try and do things while my nails are drying…and messed up a nail
  • nail enamel remains soft for a while – even if I managed to keep from damaging my nails while they dried, the enamel is still somewhat soft for a while, and I would hit my nail on something that would put a dent in the nail, or I would pick up a crochet project and the yarn would push back the enamel from the tip of my nail as I worked, or I would go to bed and wake up with the imprint of my pillow case in my nails. 
  • chips – on the rare occasion I made it to the next day with a flawless manicure I may get one full day before getting a chip or uneven wear at the tip of the nail. I typically needed to touch up a chip at least once every 2 days. 
  • cracking and loss of shine – in part due to the dry desert air where I live and the everyday flexing and bending of my nails, my manicure would develop little lines and cracks, almost like a crackle effect. The glossy shine of a  new manicure would also fade within a few days.  As a result I would need to do a full refresh of my manicure at least once during the week.  That extra coat of top coat, and sometimes the color started the whole drying and hardening process all over again.  

It’s no wonder I just gave up on manicures, but I’m happy to say I have returned to the world of well manicured nails!  Earlier this year Avon added Gel Finish Top Coat to its existing line of Gel Finish nail enamels and I love this product.  This top coat can be used with any of Avon’s Nail Enamels and it drys and hardens quickly. I’ve even been crocheting within a couple of hours of doing my nails. The finish is flexible so I don’t get the cracking and chipping I used to get and the shine stays for well over a week.  

My manicures are lasting  about 10 days (with NO touch ups) before I start to see any wear.  I could probably get 2 weeks out of a manicure with light touch ups but by about a week I’m usually ready for a change so I haven’t much past 10 days yet.

Even though this is a Gel finish product, there are no special steps like curing lights or time consuming removal process. It works just like a regular top coat, removes easily with your regular nail enamel remover and does not contain formaldehyde or Toluene

These are just a few of my recent manicures. 


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